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TV Blue


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TV Blue 02:54
Driving round this neighborhood all night Is it your neighborhood? Oh, it is? How weird, I guess I'm in your neighborhood So let's hang out, let's go out, and let's make out I got nothin' just like I said, I just was in the neighborhood Well I hope these streets won't ever end because the TV blue, when it hits your face, you kinda look like an alien AND I WANT TO BELIEVE!
Remember ditching math class on Wednesdays in the park? Or racing my uncle's Buick on blacktop passed the farm? The same one you'd accuse me of driving passed your home after the 8th time you forgot (or didn't) to pick up your phone. Remember I said your face looked Euro but maybe not for real because your dad was born in Kansas and mom died behind the wheel? But you didn't wanna talk too much about any of those things you liked me better when I'd shut up, you'd roll cigarettes, and I'd sing Do you remember that? Because I do. Do you remember looking at the stars on backs at our secret spot? Except it wasn't very secret, just passed some bush in the parking lot. We'd talk for hours about all the shit that made you kinda sad then I'd impersonate that one guy so you'd laugh and not feel bad. How about the time we daytripped through the Sierra Nevada stoned? And you realized you're afraid of heights and nearly drove us off the road. And you joked I couldn't live without you later on that night But I kept thinking it in my head, how just maybe you might be right Do you remember that? Because I do. Now I'm trying to remember when all of this went south. Was it right after I went north or when he kissed you on the mouth? Either way, I still think you're pretty, I like the colors of your eyes, although I shouldn't have said it out loud when I bumped into you last night. But then you forewent a compliment and said my frowns line are getting deeper I said you're growing out your pit hair and that doesn't make you look too much cleaner And then your boyfriend stepped away because it was getting a little awkward Then you winked and whispered in my ear, "Come back and meet me here in an hour." Do you remember that? Because I do.


released May 23, 2018

Produced by Brian Casey and Mike Behrends
Engineered by Jordan Skophammer
Album Art by Ryan Bren
Photography by Sarah Selz

Mike Behrends - voice, guitars, wife's childhood Casio, bells
Jordan Skophammer - bass
Matt Wulff - drums
Jon Klocek - guitars


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BEAR Minneapolis, Minnesota

Never give up.

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